As a professional speaker, I’m fortunate to have opportunities to regularly deliver presentations, share my knowledge and hone my speaking skills. And as someone committed to staying abreast of developments in my industry, I also have the pleasure of seeing a lot of presentations ‒ the good, the bad, and the brilliant.


A few months ago, I attended a fascinating talk on neuroselling with Dr. Brynn L. Winegard. The audience sat riveted as Dr. Winegard detailed her insights on persuasive selling techniques ‒ derived from an understanding of how our brains process information during a sales pitch.


Rather than working on a purely informational level, our brains process things on an emotional and subconscious level first. Her talk focused on how we can use neuroselling techniques to speak to the parts of us that really make the purchase decisions.


This same thinking can be used to craft powerful presentations. It takes more than facts,  figures and well-styled bullet points to win over a crowd. When it comes to presenting, you’ve got to really sell it!


While professional speaking is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and connect with those in need of your specialized skills, there are few things worse than getting out there only to get the feeling: is this thing on? Below I share a few of my tips for engaging your audience and presenting like a pro.


Three Tips For Engaging Presentations

Know your Audience

A little audience research can mean the difference between a dazzling and a disastrous presentation. Understanding the motivations, habits, and pain points of your audience is the key to crafting a presentation that truly connects. Develop your speech with this in mind and use imagery that will resonate with your particular crowd.

Tell Stories

People love stories ‒ stories are how we experience the world. Try beginning and ending your presentation with a story to bring your message to life. Even without a story to tell, it’s no secret that the best presenters use storytelling techniques. Structure your presentation like a story for maximum impact.


Involve Your Audience

Get your audience moving, talking, contributing to really leave an impression. Insert interactive moments throughout your presentation to keep the crowd engaged. The question and answer period doesn’t always have to be saved until the end.


What are some of your tips for a knockout presentation? Step up to the mic and share your best tips below!


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