Recently, Impagination had the honour of winning a 2018 Summit Creative Award for our 2017 holiday campaign. The holiday greeting, created in collaboration with Roses Without Thorns, featured die-cut, interlocking pop-up snowflakes in our signature colours red and white. We sent this greeting to our valued clients, collaborators, and cheerleaders to show our appreciation for how they help and inspire us to do our best work!

For years we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients to create campaigns that highlight their best achievements and show how they dazzle. I’ve found they had trouble promoting themselves, fearing they would sound too boastful, despite the incredible things that make them unique, interesting and dynamic. Sometimes we can be a little bashful about promoting our accomplishments.

There are simple ways to make self-promotion and sharing your successes sound like more than an exercise in self-congratulation. It starts with removing the self! Read on for my strategies on “selfless” self-promotion that put your clients and collaborators first.


Three Self-Promotion Strategies


Help promote others

Often there are a number of amazing people who help you achieve your great successes. Give them center stage in your celebration. The work of many talented artisans goes into bringing the concept of our tactile greetings to life each year. We’re sure to thank them and show recognition for the amazing work that they do.


Share the journey

Involve people in the story of your success, including the failures and challenges that make the wins even more exciting. A client recently started sharing the story of how the loss of his own family business inspires him to do the work he does ensuring the same doesn’t happen to other families like his. Sharing these stories is what builds investment in your brand’s story and your company’s unique journey.


Let others speak for you

Testimonials from those you’ve worked with and who’ve experienced the value you bring first-hand are always worth their weight in gold. Learn my ways for asking for testimonials from your best clients during our next Find More Best Clients workshop on October 24.

Do you have your own strategies for self-promotion? Share your tips for promoting your unique value and big wins in the comments, or share a recent big win!

Are your promotion strategies speaking to your potential clients? I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting a webinar on November 13 for those who can’t attend our Find More Best Clients workshop. This online presentation will give you the tools to identify your best clients, and strategies to grow your client list with more clients like them! Learn more here.