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About Us

Impagination Inc. is an award-winning strategic marketing and business development firm located in Toronto, Canada. For 30 years, we’ve helped smart, savvy businesses find and retain their best clients with outstanding branding, messaging and engaging campaigns.


We’ve re-imagined, re-invented, re-positioned and re-freshed not only our own business, but all the businesses we’ve had the privilege of working with to help them achieve their goals. We have a proven history of helping our clients simplify their marketing and amplify their results with a clear path and just the right tools.

Impagination Inc. marketing and strategy firm in Toronto, Canada.

Connecting the Dots with Red-Hot Business Development for 30 Years

In everything we do, we connect the dots to find the simplest tools and shortest path to bring your vision to life. We look at your strengths and the best way to leverage them. We look at who your best clients are and streamline how to find more. We look at what is brilliant in your business then ask your clients what is truly remarkable about what you do for them. We help you maximize the opportunities in your backyard and position you for the next chapter.

Laural Carr CEO of Impagination Inc. marketing strategy and business development firm in Toronto, Canada.

Laural Carr, CEO

About Laural Carr

Laural Carr is the Founder and an award-winning, 30-year creative business development expert at her Toronto-based firm, Impagination Inc. She is a Kolbe Certified Consultant who helps smart, savvy businesses who want to increase the three-R’s: Revenue, Reputation and ROI. She is the creator of the Impact FormulaTM and Persona MakerTM Approach, proprietary processes she created to launch or refine and polish your business for growth, profit and success. She is passionate about helping businesses find more clients like their best clients and boost business fast.