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Activate Your Kolbe™ Advantage

Laural Carr

When I was younger, I heard from teachers, family and friends that I should do things a specific way. Disappointingly, I started more things than I finished, experimented with shortcuts and always asked “Why?” Luckily, I found my path, achieved success solving problems that generated new business and accolades for my clients. The game-changer came decades ago when introduced to Kolbe™. My Kolbe A™ Index revealed my natural talents, transformed my business and relationships and gave me the confidence to operate in my natural style. I want to help business owners reduce stress, simplify business development and confidently engage their best clients. It starts with Kolbe™.
– Laural Carr, Kolbe™ Certified Consultant, Founder of Impagination Inc.

“In a world of cookie-cutter solutions, using Kolbe™ Laural truly understood our team and our business, showing us how our action styles naturally define our unique value proposition.” JS

Kolbe A™ Index is a 36-question self-assessment that measures a person’s instinctive method of problem solving. The resulting Index describes an individual’s natural strengths and includes a customized audio interpretation offering suggestions on how to leverage these talents to achieve greater personal and professional success.

Kolbe™ can help you reduce stress, increase productivity and win more business! Fill out the form below to download the Activate Your Kolbe™ Advantage outline.

My Kolbe™ deep-dive session with Laural gave me a better understanding of my strengths. I’ll be able to have better conversations by understanding why I do things the way I do.James Berry, VP IA, TD Wealth Private Investment

Laural’s deep-dive session showed me how applicable Kolbe™ is in every facet of my life from parenting to work. It gave me a new understanding of how to use my time and energy. Rebecca Greco, CEO of Fig House Communications

Knowing my Kolbe™ will help me talk to my people. Brennan Wood, Partner, Foundry Mortgage Capital

Using the Kolbe™ Index, we can help you identify your own thinking style, as well as the approach your clients prefer. For more information, check out our blogs  and .

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