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Laural Carr, founder of Impagination Inc., with her BizBackdrop™

BizBackdrop™ – keep your brand facing forward!

Virtual meetings are not going away, so if you’re networking, pitching, presenting, training, coaching, hosting meetings, attending events, webinars, conferences or roundtables, now is the time for a branded BizBackdrop™. No more checking over your shoulder to see what might be in your background, no shots of the ceiling or showing up without video. No matter where you are – home, office, condo or cottage, you and your team can be confident you look professional and consistent, ready to tell your story and promote your brand and business. This is why we created the BizBackdrop™ for our business, and it’s getting attention!

“Thank you very much for your virtual meeting tips. My favorite is the branded background. It adds professionalism to presentations.” Rebecca Greco, CEO of Fig House Communications


“Love it! The background is simple, clean and professional.” Ann Bradt, SheEO Activator


“I love the pre-made and branded background idea!” Vanessa Holding, Executive Producer, Arc + Crown Media


Are you ready to stand out at your next online presentation?

Our BizBackdrop™ features:

Easy and fast assembly and disassembly
Requires minimal space to store or set-up
Sturdy and durable
Brilliant and accurate color reproduction
Non-wrinkling and washable backdrop material
No glare or reflection, even under video lighting
Simple to change visuals when brands change
Includes a carrying case to safely store or easily move from place to place


BizBackdrop™ Branding Package

Step 1. Brand Consultation

A one-time consultation to ensure your background showcases your brand while highlighting you as a professional presenter.


Step 2. Custom Design

Select from a choice of design options customized specifically for your brand and meeting requirements. Impagination has many , so we know what we are doing!


Step 3. Quality Manufacturing

We love our manufacturer and know the importance of a strong relationship when creating custom solutions. And they know how particular we are when it comes to quality. Win-Win-Win!


Step 4. Set-up to Show-up Consultation

With your BizBackdrop™ on hand, our virtual meeting consultation will set you up to stand-out on camera in front of your branded background.

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