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What We Do

Impagination works with smart, savvy businesses with bold ideas, ready to engage with their market and quickly grow. We embrace your vision and enhance it. We recognize your difference and get behind it. We understand the multimedia landscape and source new ways to help you stand out, so you will be noticed and remembered. By combining your natural style with a deep understanding of your clients, we pinpoint your message to target results.


Our proprietary approach helps you:

  • Solidify your vision and differentiate your business
  • Build awareness, to increase referrals and expand your networks
  • Measure the results and build on your ongoing success

We make your marketing work – easy and simple.

Our Approach

Impagination’s Impact FormulaTM is designed to eliminate the competition and boost profitability. We determine a personalized marketing strategy and the right approach for your business. The result is powerful client and team engagement, a shorter sales cycle and a measurable return on your marketing investment. We ensure you are positioned to leverage your reputation, experience and success.

Our Services


Clear, simple targeted marketing strategies

Strategic Distillation: By clarifying your vision, goals and strengths, we confidently position your business and activate a customized marketing plan to achieve success. The plan and recommendations are backed up by invaluable market insights from your stakeholders.

Impact Maker Analysis: By tracking results that are measured, analysed and reported, you can be sure your persona is leveraged for maximum impact.


Business coaching for you and your team to boost marketing results and increase profitability

Team Engagement: Coaching from our Kolbe Certified Consultant will keep your team energized, focused and aware of what makes your business remarkable; increasing productivity and engagement with your greatest advocates.

Manage Reputation: Ongoing reputation management ensures your messaging is effective and on-brand, allowing you to leverage every opportunity with ease.


Branded marketing properties that speak for you when you aren’t there

Creative Interpretation: Packaging your image, message and brand persona into a customized, on-target and enduring creative concept helps you consistently build the reputation of your business.

Tangible Solutions: Clearly communicate your brand and message to your ideal client with targeted writing, photography, video, illustration, artwork and design specific to your branding and marketing plan.

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