September 2022

Marketing Automation – Way to Grow!

Impagination Sep 2022 Newsletter

So, what’s all this about marketing automation?

We get asked that question a lot. Simply put, it’s the use of software to automate and streamline marketing tasks. And it’s becoming indispensable to businesses of every size.

Read how one of our clients is leveraging automation in a big way to differentiate their service.

Could automation differentiate your business?

Setting you apart from the competition
MP Benefits is a group benefits insurance consulting firm based in St. Albert, Alberta. According to founder Lori Power, automation has always been a significant part of their business plan, from bookkeeping to social media, to newsletters.

Client case study
She provided this illustration: "We use a designed-by-us, technology-built insurance carrier tracker which allows us to specifically ‘see’ how our block performs, e.g. which benefits, which insurance carriers, which insurance lines within benefits, where we tend to place more business, with whom as a result of service and expertise (as we use approximately 16 providers).

Data-driven result
We can ‘see’ the average rates, how they increase or decrease year over year. This data-driven automation takes us out of the ‘darkness’ and allows us to make better decisions when it comes to working with our clients.

Real impact
Now when we chat with a client about their benefits, we don’t have to ‘quote’ and ‘hope’ for the best. Instead, we can talk real numbers in real time and walk them through the actual data, which we know from our block, and that sets us apart from the multitude of competition."

A real game changer
Marketing automation has proven itself to be well worth the investment for Lori’s firm: “We automate our CRM for calendar tracking, meetings, tasks, etc. We use zoom for business meetings, which is a significant automation for streamlining the day and allows for probably double the meetings we were able to attend prior to the pandemic.

More time with clients
“I am more in touch with clients now than I ever was. There are still those who balk at using a digital meeting. And we are flexible, but I think over time, it is the better way … I love the 3D meetings for coffee and a catch-up.”

In this month’s blog, we provide more examples of how marketing automation can boost your business efficiency and optimize your client relationships.

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