In our September eNewsletter, our client, Lori Power, founder of MP Benefits, an employee benefits insurance consulting firm based in St. Albert, Alberta, shared with us how marketing automation has transformed her business: “From bookkeeping, to social media, to newsletters, we automate just about all of it.”


Building on her story, here are some key ways that a marketing automation platform can help you efficiently run your own marketing campaigns:


Initiate relationships

Marketing automation helps your targeted clients learn more about your services and products through regular, thoughtful sends. It lets you know whether you are connecting with the right people, how they are responding, and their level of interest in your offer. It puts you on the road to creating a loyal and dependable client base, while taking some of the more tedious and time-consuming parts of the marketing process off your plate.


Follow up with potential and existing clients

Automated follow-up is a powerful tool that nearly all your leads and clients experience. It includes emails sent to people who browse your website or write in with a client service question. It brings contacts back to your site, builds relationships with them, and creates and nurtures qualified leads. It helps you complete a potential transaction, boosts client satisfaction, and saves you loads of time.


Track the client journey

We all want to know as much about our clients as possible. Marketing automation enables you to track the client journey and see, on average, how long it takes a client to make a transaction, what information they need to complete that purchase, and what marketing assets are leading to the highest conversion. With it you can provide personalized information about your services and faster feedback, focused on their needs. All of this helps to create a relationship that will bring a client back to your brand again and again…  and build loyalty.


Automate your social media

Once you’ve created your social media copy, image, caption, links, and hashtags, you can automate your postings. You can schedule social posts ahead of time and repost popular ones. Automatic posting saves time and resources. It helps you be proactive and replace those spur-of-the-moment ideas with a more methodical approach to your postings to maintain brand consistency.


The tip of the iceberg

These are just a few of the many ways that marketing automation can help you run your business more efficiently, reduce costs and strengthen client relationships.


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Marketing automation – it’s easier than you think!