Plan A is to have a Plan B
October 2020

Plan A is to have a Plan B

Impagination October 2020 Newsletter Photo Credit: Pexels


This year, I planned to renovate my kitchen, but couldn't anticipate the delays due to the pandemic. There was a shortage of wood because of current high demand for home improvements. Supply chain issues from shutdowns and transportation delays reduced inventory in appliances and flooring, etc. It was frustrating, but I had plenty of time to manage the situation, which, after all, wasn't an emergency.

But business is different. I'm working with a number of clients who are dealing with urgent challenges related to technology, supply, talent and time. My approach is that there are always choices that can be made to reach the desired result. The key is to work within a framework of time, quality and cost.

Bottom line: Make sure your Plan A includes a Plan B so that you can deal with unforeseen difficulties that may arise. Plan B translates into flexibility and responsiveness. It means focusing on the results you want, but strategizing multiple paths to achieve them, in order to avoid obstacles. This not only prevents stress and frustration, it leads to innovation, new solutions and collaboration.

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At Impagination, we help our clients overcome the current challenges they're facing during this difficult time. We help them create a Plan B as an extension of their Plan A. Book a complimentary consultation with us to explore flexible and responsive ways to achieve the results you want.

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