It’s difficult to take a long-term view in the fog of a crisis that seems to change every day. For my kitchen renovation, the planning started with a simple question, “What do you like about your kitchen now?” In business, the question would be “What is working now, i.e., is worth keeping?” We ask our clients, “What is the biggest difference this change will make for you, your business, your clients or your team?” This is an important consideration in determining the:
1. Timing for change
2. Success criteria to be achieved
3. Investment required
My four-week kitchen reno would be complete by now, except that an attractive alternative required input from outside experts. So, the schedule had to be adjusted. The work will take the same amount of time, but it will physically start when the contractor is next available. For me, it started months ago as I researched online, visited show rooms, consulted with designers, sketched plans and collected tips from renovation experts and survivors. But key was having an experienced professional I trusted, who understood my vision, could coach me through the process and partner with me to make it happen. Having the right person at my side was worth the wait.
Quality = Criteria
Criteria for success vary for every project. Do I need a gourmet entertaining kitchen or a small functional space? Focusing on your underlying vision and business values are critical.
At Impagination, we’ve written about the term VUCA, which was first used in the military to describe the Post-Cold War world, one plagued by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In our current climate, every business is facing some of the same challenges and opportunities.
We advise our clients to make a list of the five to 10 absolute “must-have” criteria to be met with this change. At our core, Impagination focusses on adding simplicity and clarity to create value for our clients. We set the level of quality we deliver and support. All new initiatives we undertake must reflect these criteria for us to invest time and money in developing a new offering.
Investment = Time and Money
An investment is both time and money. As with a new kitchen, a marketing strategy or action plan establishes a solid approach for the long term of your business. It’s a customized plan that can be repeated and measured for ROI. The alternative is to not take action, missing the opportunity to “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, as attributed to Winston Churchill. So, like my kitchen, it’s an investment that may be disruptive initially, but in the long term will prove its worth tenfold.
As we advise our clients, invest in your business, embrace the changes that fit your goals and vision, then ramp up to roll out at the pace that works for you and your team. Regardless of when you plan to launch, you’ll be further ahead if you take action now. Ensure that no time or money is wasted with an experienced pro at your side – like I did with my kitchen renovation.
By holding a long-term perspective for our clients, tracking their evolving needs and standing by with ongoing coaching and execution support, we deliver confidence, especially during their toughest times.
Take action now!
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