April 2021

Spring Clean for Clarity, Freedom and Growth!

Impagination April 2021 Newsletter


Spring is here, and you know what that means! Spring cleaning. It’s time to clear out the stale and unnecessary accumulation from the past season, year (or years!) to refresh and reinvigorate our lives and our businesses.

With that in mind, I have accepted a 30-day challenge. Starting April 1, I am letting go, donating or recycling one thing on day 1, two things on day 2, three things on day 3… etc., with a final outcome of clearing 465 things in 30 days – a pretty impressive result for completing the challenge!

What to join me?

My goal is to feel lighter, clearer and freer to bring more of what I want into my life and business. What could a refresh do for you? It’s human nature to do things over and over, the same way we always have, but how can we hope for a better result? What if you could eliminate what no longer serves you or your business? Look at your office space, your client list, your services or processes, your marketing or business plan, your goals or your business support team… and decide how to prune away the old and make space for the new.

We can help you with this! Check out our list of seven ways Impagination and our clients have cleared our offices and businesses for greater clarity, freedom and growth.

7 Spring Clearing Tips

Ready for YOUR Spring Cleaning?
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This program is available to business owners who are ready to clear out what no longer serves them and focus on simplicity and actions for successful growth. Use the same savvy tools and expert advice our private clients use to exceed their goals and create 10-20% revenue growth year after year.

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Laural Carr, Founder of Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer and creator of the BizBackdrop™, Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is a Kolbe™ Certified Consultant and is passionate about helping smart savvy businesses find their next best client and boost new business fast.

Impagination Inc. builds smart, targeted strategies to differentiate your services and streamline business development efforts to focus on easily finding more clients like your best clients. Our secret sauce is how we uniquely tailor the strategy and the message to be easy to execute and customized for the persona of the people who drive the business.