“The best way to make a hedge grow is to prune it.”


Professional gardeners know that pruning hedge plants helps them develop vigorous new growth. It’s the same with a business.


Here are some examples of what Impagination and our clients have implemented since 2020 to “prune” our businesses of outdated items and processes, making way for new clarity, freedom and growth:


7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

  1. We’ve let go of physical marketing tools in favor of digital tools that can be shared during a virtual meeting or delivered electronically to reinforce a conversation after a meeting.
    We’d love to know, what tools are you using?
  2. Gone are the fun events to celebrate successes with clients, so instead, we order relevant business books online for direct delivery to clients – no need to stock them in the office any longer.
    What’s a fav business book you’ve read recently?
  3. Networking is all virtual, so we don’t use printed business cards, postcard promos or flyers anymore. In place of printed materials, to generate engagement, we share links to book discovery calls or to attend upcoming events, workshops, presentations or masterclasses. By directing interest to a web page, we can include an easy way to register. For example, check out our next event here.
    How are you generating engagement when networking?
  4. We’ve retired the office white board in favor of a shared calendar and online project management system that everyone on the team can access.
    What favorite tools are you using to manage your team productivity and projects?
  5. We’ve replaced our boardroom with a portable work-from-home “Zoom-room”, which guarantees we show-up branded for online meetings and events. Our BizBackdrop™ was specifically created to stage your personal or professional brand and protect your privacy. It can be used when sitting or standing without unsightly or unprofessional digital artifacts distracting from the authority of your message. You show up from anywhere credible, confident and on brand!
    What’s over your shoulder in your background?
  6. How we build and maintain vital relationships with our best clients has really changed. In addition to networking, revisiting how we connect has led us to offer regular client and community events, for example our monthly virtual workshop to share practical and inspiring tips for business success. Join us at the next one!
    How do you keep connected with your best business relationships?
  7. We’ve removed unused equipment from the office and replaced it with work-from-home essentials like task lighting, ergonomic chairs, stand-up desks and our favorite – a shiatsu massager for everyone on the team!
    Is there office equipment or technology you can remove or replace?


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