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September 2018

For years, we've had the pleasure of working with clients to create campaigns that highlight their best achievements and dazzling qualities. But many clients and business owners find it challenging to promote their own successes without feeling it might read as overtly boastful.

Impagination recently had the honour of receiving a 2018 Summit Creative Award for our 2017 holiday greeting, created in collaboration with Roses Without Thorns. We love moments like this for the opportunity to celebrate those who help us do our best work!

I've always found that one of the keys to successful and powerful self-promotion is to remove the self. In my latest blog post, I share three "selfless" self-promotion strategies that work!

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What are some strategies you use to promote yourself or your business? Are you looking for novel ways to highlight your big wins and best qualities? Don't be bashful! We can help. Contact me, Laural Carr, or visit our website to learn more.

Are your promotion strategies speaking to your potential clients? I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting a webinar on November 13 for those who can't attend our Find More Best Clients workshop. This online presentation will give you the tools to identify your best clients, and the strategies to grow your client list with more clients like them!


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Laural Carr, CEO and Creative Business Development Director at her Toronto-based firm Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer and creator of the Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is passionate about helping smart savvy businesses find their next best client and boost business fast.

Impagination Inc. builds smart, targeted strategies to differentiate your services and streamline business development efforts to focus on easily finding more clients like your best clients. Our secret sauce is how we uniquely tailor the strategy and the message to be easy to execute and customized for the persona of the people who drive the business.

Our Find More Best Clients October 24 workshop is almost full. Join us to learn what you need to build a marketing strategy to save time, money and grow your business fast. Sign up now! »