7 Tips to Rescue Dull Virtual Events
September 2020

7 Tips to Rescue Dull Virtual Events

Impagination September 2020 Newsletter Photo Credit: Unsplash


Flashing back to March 2020, we had clients scheduled for in-person strategic marketing workshops. All were postponed and payments returned.

Clients already on course with their 2020 marketing had in-person events planned, and wondered how these events, guest speakers and dates could be salvaged.

COVID-19 event disruption isn't going away. But the good news is that it motivates us to quickly find innovative ways to connect with our teams and clients remotely, no matter where they're located.

Client Testimonial:
"While we had some misgivings about launching into Impagination's strategic marketing program virtually, as it turned out, their team ensured we received even more value doing it this way." - Steve Low, Zarmac Benefits

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When direct contact with people is not easy or even possible, virtual events break down geographical barriers, support our ability to work and socialize relatively seamlessly, and ensure productivity remains high.

Even after the pandemic is over, virtual events will remain strong as businesses continue to grow a more global footprint, teams become more geographically dispersed, and face-to-face collaboration becomes increasingly challenging.

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At Impagination, we help our clients create virtual events that engage, inform and motivate. Book a complimentary consultation with us to learn more about making this fast-growing way of connecting work for you.

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