Speaking your audience's language  
June 2019

OMG, we nearly missed it!



Last month, my bird-loving daughter and I trekked around Costa Rica's northern Pacific Coast near Manuel Antonio National Park in search of the Scarlet Macaw, the largest parrot in the world, and native to that area. We saw and heard many birds, but not the Scarlet Macaw. We knew that this showy red, blue, green and yellow bird loves feeding on the wild almond tree, often dropping the large shells from the high branches after removing the almond. So, we located these trees and searched for tell-tale shells on the ground. But no luck.

On our very last day, fearing we would miss our chance to see this exotic bird, our guide shared that the best place to see them was standing in the middle of the village soccer field at 4 PM when they fly over to their favorite roost for the evening. Thanks to this local tip, we could add the Scarlet Macaw to our bird life list.

What did we learn from this experience?

  • How birds call out to their tribe using the right language
  • How to locate the birds you're looking for
  • Why it's a plus to ask local experts for help

So much of what we learned can be applied to marketing your brand!


At Impagination, we help you call out to your target audience with clear messaging that makes your brand and voice stand out. And we guide you in finding those ideal customers you want to reach. Because we know what to look for and where they like to roost. Plus, we show you how to speak your audience's language!

Warm regards,

Laural Carr, Founder and Creative Business Development Director at her Toronto-based strategic marketing firm, Impagination Inc., she is an award-winning marketer and creator of the Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is passionate about helping smart savvy businesses find their next best client and boost business fast.

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