When my bird-loving daughter and I were in Costa Rica last month, we were determined to find the Scarlet Macaw, native to the area we visited. This beautiful parrot, the largest in the world, is known for its bright colors, which help it to blend into its natural habitat in the rainforest.


The native Costa Rican Maleku tribe honors the Scarlet Macaw in carvings, since it’s known for fidelity and loyalty. The bird carvings are given as wedding gifts, symbolizing good marriage, as the monogamous Scarlet Macaw mates for life and if it loses its mate, it never mates again.


We definitely wanted to see this stunning rainforest bird. In our search for it, I discovered several important principles that apply to smart marketing.


Call out to your tribe using the right language

In the cacophony of dawn and dusk bird songs, each species hears and responds to its own calls. During the breeding season, males call out loud and clear to exhibit their excellent qualities in order to attract females: “I’m a strong male. This is my feeding and nesting ground. I can bring food to you when you’re on the nest hatching chicks.” Females are attracted by the power of the best song and repertoire. “He’s strong and mature. He can help me provide for my chicks. He’s a good bet.”


What can we learn from this? In a world incessantly screaming marketing messages around the clock, do you know who your target audience is? And are you calling out to these customers in the right language and in a strong clear voice that they are able to hear? At Impagination, we help our clients create an effective marketing campaign to communicate their messages so that they are being heard by the clients they want to reach.


Find where your tribe hangs out

Most birds inhabit a niche especially adapted to them, one that is needed to survive and thrive. Experienced birdwatchers know where to find these niches in order to see the birds they’re looking for.


What is your niche market? Where do your potential best customers hang out? At Impagination, we can help you find these markets, and attract your ideal clients to your product or service.


Ask a local expert for help

My daughter and I did our research and assumed we knew where to look to see the celebrated Scarlet Macaw. But it wasn’t until we consulted our local guide that we had any luck. He told us to stand in the middle of the village soccer field at 4 PM when they fly over to their favorite roost for the evening. And he was right! We easily spotted our “prize birds” using this local tip.


The same principle applies to marketing. The goal is to “get the right message to the right person at the right time.”  And it doesn’t hurt to tap into the knowledge of a local expert who can provide tips.


At Impagination, we can be YOUR guide!