Choose your keyword for this year
January 2020

What's your keyword for 2020?

Impagination January 2020 Newsletter


"Lean-in", "Collaborate", "Breathe"

What's your keyword for 2020? We're starting, not only a new year, but also a new decade! How will you take advantage of this auspicious number to create 20/20 vision for the months ahead?

Every year, Impagination and our best clients select a keyword to guide their theme and tone for the year. Some of our favorite keywords have come from the assessment tools we use, like Kolbe and Strengths Finder, that help clients determine their unique persona in the market. The goal is to identify how their natural and life-long strengths can be harnessed for their teams and clients. Often clients want to continue with their keyword beyond the year, as the word has shown itself to represent their style and brand so well!

Now is the time to choose a keyword, based on your authentic persona — one that will inspire you and your team to go all out to create the success you've planned for 2020.


At Impagination, we work with our clients to ensure their marketing strategy is always "on key". We help them create a strong personal brand, based on who they are and what sets them apart. We work with them to communicate those characteristics in ways that convey the right messages, the right way, to the right audiences. Don't miss our limited-time offer for a complimentary consultation.

Warm regards,

Laural Carr, Founder and Creative Business Development Director at her Toronto-based strategic marketing firm, Impagination Inc., she is an award-winning marketer and creator of the Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is passionate about helping smart savvy businesses find their next best client and boost business fast.

Impagination Inc. builds smart, targeted strategies to differentiate your services and streamline business development efforts to focus on easily finding more clients like your best clients. Our secret sauce is how we uniquely tailor the strategy and the message to be easy to execute and customized for the persona of the people who drive the business.