5 Tips for Creating a Spirited Brand  
April 2019

Clear, Tasteless, Odorless: Is your brand invisible?



I attended a special vodka tasting recently. I was curious, how does something known for being clear, tasteless and odorless warrant a tasting event?

So, when presented with an array of internationally distilled spirits, I was fascinated to learn that vodkas vary not only by their distinctive names, bottle and label designs, but by raw ingredients like potato, barley, corn, grapes and milk (yes milk!). The basic water ingredient varied from sources like springs, glaciers and milk (yes milk!). Different filtering systems like copper, diamonds or charcoal removed impurities, and the number of times the vodka was filtered delivered additional smoothness.

I left the event with a very different perception of vodka. All vodkas are not alike. Different brands have distinct features including unique flavours. I could only appreciate these brand differences when they were clearly communicated.

Now over to your brand. Is it being communicated clearly, or is your business invisible, the way most people think of vodka? Are you lost in a sea of competitors, wondering how you can boost your brand and be discovered by your ideal customers? Whether you sell a product or a service, read our five tips to achieve brand visibility.


If you're in a crowded or complex marketplace wondering where to start, download our worksheet to "Create a Spirited Brand".

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