I attended a special vodka tasting recently. I was curious, how does something known for being clear, tasteless and odorless warrant a tasting event?

As a strategic marketer, I’m passionate about the authentic characteristics of people and products. So at the tasting, when presented with an array of international award-winning spirits, I was fascinated to learn that vodkas vary not only by their distinctive names, bottle and label designs, but by raw ingredients like potato, barley, corn, grapes and milk (yes milk!). The basic water ingredient ranged from sources like springs, glaciers and milk (yes milk!). Different filtering systems like copper, diamonds or charcoal removed impurities, and the number of times the vodka was filtered delivered unique character and taste.

Is your business invisible? Are you lost in a sea of competitors, wondering how you can boost your brand and be discovered by your best customers? Whether you sell a product or a service, our five tips will help you achieve spirited brand visibility.


Tip 1. What is your “secret sauce”?
What are the raw ingredients that make your brand unique and of value? What sets you apart from your competitors, makes you stand out in terms of creating success for your clients? Use your authentic story, your history, your “why” to create this vital connection. Once you define your brand’s personality, you’ll be able to create a foundation for your marketing and tactics.


Tip 2. What is the message you tell the world, in your pitch and website?
Be consistent with how your story reinforces your brand and makes it memorable. Pay attention to what your satisfied customers say about you so that you can use these insights to help you craft your message and build your brand identity.


Tip 3. Does your product or service appeal to the senses?
We experience life through our five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and sound – which we unconsciously connect with emotion. Even a service business brand can appeal to one or more of these senses, so that it reinforces your story, and can be remembered and shared easily. Think about powering up your brand to deliver a sensory and emotional experience.


Tip 4. Do your packaging, logo, business name and marketing materials match your story?
Consider all the ways an invisible product like vodka is packaged to create a strong memorable and repeatable experience. Packaging is the first thing customers notice. It should be the ambassador for your brand. It should tell your story in a memorable way, one that builds trust and loyalty.


Tip 5. Do your clients understand how you deliver value, including a truly remarkable client experience?
Draw on case studies and client testimonials to share the keys of your process and why it works. The more your clients understand the intangible aspects of your offering, the easier it is for them to buy and refer you.


Black Cow Spirit DrinkAre you adrift in a crowded, complex marketplace wondering where to start? Download our helpful worksheet, “Create a Spirited Brand”. Let’s make your brand stand out!


So how did I choose which vodkas to taste? If you haven’t already guessed, my interest was piqued by Black Cow vodka from West Dorset, UK. Check out the bottle, label, logo and description to see how they made their invisible product visible.
“Made from the milk of grass grazed cows, used exclusively to produce this exceptionally smooth spirit. Delicately fragrant with aromas of hay and light citrus the palate is creamy and followed by a clean finish.”