July 2024

Phew it's a hot one!

Impagination July 2024 Newsletter

With the heat settling in, it’s the perfect time to shift gears and enjoy everything summer has to offer—festivals, travels, beach days, lake getaways, and those delicious scoops of ice cream. Let’s not forget the joy of family gatherings, reunions, or maybe even a summer wedding, like me.

 To keep things fun and breezy, for today, let’s forget about your endless to-do list. Yes, you heard that right! 

 It’s time to set some summer resolutions focused on pure joy and relaxation. 

 Here are my top 10 🙌

1. Embrace Sunrises and Sunsets 🌅: There’s magic in those daily transitions—don’t miss them!
2. Groove to Live Music 🎶: Whether it’s a concert or a backyard jam, let the rhythm move you.
3. Spend Time on the Water 🚤: Find your peace with a boat ride, a swim, or just lounging by the lake.
4. Gather with Loved Ones Outdoors: From picnics to weddings, being with family and friends under the open sky is unbeatable.
5. Share Remarkable Experiences: My personal favorite? Watching fireworks synchronized to music over water. It’s the ultimate summer trifecta! 🎆 Connect if you’re in the Ottawa area and want to join me for Fireworks
6. Dive into Swimming 🏊: Lakes, rivers, or pools—just jump in! Use the Swim Guide App to find safe spots near you.
7. Circle a Bonfire 🔥: Enjoy the night sky while roasting marshmallows. And don’t forget my easy fire-roasted crispy rice treats—delicious and so simple! Fire-Roasted Treats
8. Harvest Garden Goodies 🍏: I’m all about making my mom’s fruit crisp dessert with fresh pears, apples, and rhubarb. Psst! Interested in a dairy-free, gluten-free recipe? Message me.
9. Get Lost in a Novel 📚: What’s on your reading list? I’m always open to suggestions!
10. Stop and Smell the Flowers 🌸: My favourite scent? The enchanting Night-Blooming Jasmine. What’s yours?


Impagination June 2024 Newsletter 

What about you? What are your summer resolutions?

Take some time this summer to refresh your spirit and enjoy as many of your summer resolutions as you can.

Stay connected and see how my summer resolutions unfold by following us on Instagram @impaginationmarketing. 

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Here’s to a fabulous summer full of fun, relaxation, and unforgettable moments!


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 To your remarkable success in 2024 and beyond!