In the midst of a summer heat wave, why is my family planning a get-away to the sunny Bahamas this winter?

The cost of flights is forever increasing, seats are limited and co-ordinating several families’ schedules is challenging. But in the end we invest time, energy and resources now so that we can enjoy the certainty of a special vacation when we know we will be craving the sun and sea.

There are many instances when planning ahead leads to greater certainty in our increasingly uncertain world. Yet it can be difficult to commit to our future, especially when the nitty-gritty of the here and now demands our attention. Is there a website update lagging, a conference you’ve always wanted to attend, or a training program that would catapult your business – if only you could just plunge in?

There are plenty of coaches and advisors out there, and if they are worth their sea-salt, they will help you be crystal clear on the two keys to planning ahead.

1. The first key is to have a vision. 

Our vacation vision is to enjoy easy, relaxing and rejuvenating time together. It will be at a resort so no one is hosting and everyone can indulge in their favorite activities.

Vision doesn’t only drive vacations. As a business owner, what is your vision for your business? Is it to transform your industry, work smarter but fewer hours, build a succession plan or an exit strategy? When was the last time you asked yourself these questions? If it’s been awhile, or at least longer than your last vacation, maybe it’s time to revisit your vision.

2. The second key is to set goals. 

My family is increasingly spread out, but we still love spending time together. We have a simple goal: to get together no matter where we are with the least amount of stress. Visits to the Bahamas give us the luxury of more relaxed time together, or what I call family “sleepovers.” Many do this at cottages over the summer.

As a business, what are your goals? January is popular for goal setting, but I revisit my personal and professional goals quarterly and reset as necessary. I help my clients ensure that their business goals are up to date and on track as well.

What goals are you currently working towards? Is it launching a new website, marketing a new product or service, writing a book, maybe expanding your capabilities? What certainty can you create by investing time and resources right now to accomplishing your goals? So as I luxuriate in the long, hot, days of summer, the anticipation of a sunny vacation by the sea this winter has me excited. And I have no doubt that a few great ideas for my business will find space to flourish while I’m there.

What aspects of your business can you plunge into this summer that will give you the benefits you want? If you have a marketing or business development initiative itching to be launched, contact me, Laural Carr.