Throwback to 2001

Impagination launched a major repositioning to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We created a distinctive, direct mail program announcing our strategic 3D thinking, what truly differentiates the way we envision communications. At the core of the campaign was a self-promotional cube that embodied our value proposition and commitment to irresistible client engagement.


Response to Impagination’s Cube

The cube is a never-ending puzzle with key words like “inspire,” “ideas” and “interpret” sprinkled on all nine sides. These words are paired with riveting red-hot images. Initial response was tremendous, opening doors to meetings with key prospects. It generated buzz, even solicited a complaint when the cube weakened after 14 people in a high-tech firm played with it. This spawned our “Abused Cube Program”, where worn or faded cubes would be replaced. Who could ask for more “pass-along” or “share” value, long before there were viral videos? On top of that, the cube won the distinction of multiple international design awards in 2001-2002.


Fifteen Years Later

As we celebrate Impagination’s 30th anniversary we look back at the people, projects and pivots at the bedrock of our longevity. Client engagement is firmly at the center of our philosophy, with impact at every contact point and in every media. This is now substantiated by neuroscience. Last month Canada Post revealed research on “the connectivity effect” and the Science of Activation™ which studied the significant connection between physical and digital marketing.


Is Everything Old New Again?

So after 15 years, instead of a brochure that is filed and forgotten, our network continues to be thrilled to receive, display and share our captivating cube promotion. Now that’s the return on investment we seek for all of our clients!