The term VUCA was first used in the military to describe the Post-Cold War world, one plagued by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Today, CEOs, managers and business experts have adopted VUCA to describe a new business landscape marked by a lack of stability, certainty, simplicity and clarity.

In our current culture and business climate, everyone and every business experiences one or more of the VUCA dangers, creating challenges as well as opportunities. Neurologically, we are wired to avoid danger. When positioning your business offering, it’s important to understand the dangers your clients are affected by to provide them with the right antidote.

Impagination, for example, strives to create clarity and simplicity in a complex and sometimes ambiguous area: marketing. We distill those elements that make our clients unique and valuable and find novel and clear ways to communicate their distinct value to their current and potential clients. We combat two common VUCA challenges, and that’s clear in our unique value proposition.


Do you know your clients’ VUCA dangers and how you can help them?


Volatility is common in the financial services or real estate sectors where one might offer stability as a remedy for volatility.

Uncertainty is common for clients in the process of change. They can be helped by coaches, consultants or insurers who can offer certainty as an antidote for uncertainty.

Complexity is common in IT, manufacturing, biotech, or marketing and can be addressed by offering simplicity.

Ambiguity is common for innovative business who may be creating something new or be in a cutting-edge industry like bitcoin or medical marijuana. The remedy for ambiguity is clarity.


We create value for our clients and customers when we tailor solutions for the challenges they might face in their industry or with their offering. Providing an antidote demonstrates our value.

• The antidote for Volatility is Stability
• The antidote for Uncertainty is Certainty
• The antidote for Complexity is Simplicity
• The antidote for Ambiguity is Clarity

What antidote is your business offering (stability, certainty, simplicity or clarity) to help your clients or customers avoid VUCA?

Impagination specializes in uncovering the unique value you offer your clients to help them combat VUCA.