It’s the holiday season, a wonderful time to rejoice and relax. With a time out from your busy schedule, do some special things for yourself. Schedule some real downtime to catch up on your sleep, get together with friends and family, and enjoy those indoor or outdoor activities you love but often don’t have time for during your regular routine.

In honour of the season, we’re keeping it simple this month, sharing links to our top blog posts of 2019, as rated by our community, clients and friends. We invite you to relax while reading what others told us were our most insightful tips, while you restore your energy for the year ahead.

Reader’s choice: Best blogs of 2019

6 Tips for Marketing with Case Studies
What to say in case studies to build your brand, make your business stand out, and attract more clients and customers.

4 Tips for Crafting Your 60-second Elevator Pitch
How quickly you communicate what you do with clarity and impact can make all the difference in winning new business. We outline 4 tips for building a pitch-perfect elevator pitch that will help you stand out!

5 Tips for Creating a Spirited Brand
Are you lost in a sea of competitors, wondering how you can boost your brand and be discovered by your best customers? Use our 5 tips to achieve spirited brand visibility.

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