Last year, as Impagination’s 30th anniversary approached, it was natural to look at where we’ve been and who we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. With dramatic changes in our industry since 1986, only the most adaptable survive. For our 30th Anniversary, we chose to connect the dots to our most critically important relationships.

Receiving a Gold International Summit Creative Award for our 30th Anniversary campaign is a tribute to the importance of focusing on a vision for a business yet pivoting to hug the curves in the road along the way. Looking back on 30 years, our best clients inspire us to create award-winning work, many becoming raving fans and steadfast friends.

To celebrate, we launched an integrated social media campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. The curated posts were a series of red-hot creative business development tips. The content inspired a limited-edition book titled “Connect the dots…”. Our friends at CJ Graphics used the latest digital print technology to create a tactile book cover. Read why in Red-Hot Creative Business Development Tip #14.

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Our domino theme was captured by photographer and musician Cedric Swaneck in the Plexman Photography studio. We produced a short stop-action video as well as a peek behind-the-curtain version that was unveiled at the live celebration and later to our online friends.

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