The Key to Your Success

Just as you think your own thoughts and feel your own feelings, you have your own instinctive way of doing things. And if you know the way YOU naturally take action, you can leverage that sense of flow, effortlessness, and joy. What gives us joy is helping you incorporate your instinctive action style, your MO or Modus Operandum, into your marketing strategy, to make it easier and more natural.


Know how your brain is wired

Most know the intellectual and emotional parts of our brain influence how we think and feel. But there’s a third part – the cognitive – how we are wired to do things most easily.


And it’s different for each of us. Our brain is programmed to do things a certain way, and throughout our life it doesn’t change, it strengthens—if you lean into your zone of genius. It doesn’t mean you can’t do whatever you want, but it does mean that certain actions will come more naturally—building confidence in communication, efficiency and productivity—at work and at home.


Know your own passion, purpose and joy

As a Kolbe™ Certified Consultant, helping you understand how your brain is inherently programmed to act is the key to building a successful business. When shaping your marketing strategy, it makes good business sense to link it to the way you naturally think, respond, and take action.


For example…


  1. Are you focused or expansive in your thinking?

    Due to divergent thinking styles, some people are naturally focused, some expansive. Do you zero in with laser focus on a singular task? Or do you prefer to tap into the collective intelligence of other colleagues or members of your team in a brainstorming session?


  1. Is your approach proactive or reactive?

    It’s one thing to set a vision for your business, and to work with your team and business partners to achieve the goals you set. Generally proactive is the way to go, but sometimes, unexpected factors can prevent you from being as forward-thinking as you would like. Perhaps you look for answers from the past or maybe you prefer a “blue-sky” visioning session to find your path. Or you go right to seeing the steps from A-Z. Or do you thrive on building a solid reliable solution.


    How do you drive full speed ahead while navigating the roadblocks along the way?


  1. Are you a word person, a number person, a picture person… or a combination?

    Left brain, right brain… Which side of the cranium do you tend to favour? It all comes down to knowing your innate gifts and to optimize them in the way you do business.


    But consider, are your clients word, number or picture people? Directing your marketing approach to fit your clients is key to connecting and making impact.

We dive deep to understand your client to help you solidify a marketing strategy in line with your goals and your “zone of genius”.


What’s YOUR zone of genius?

 for a no-obligation clarity call to discover how a Kolbe consultation can help you link your marketing strategy to the way you naturally take action. And navigate around the bumps in the road as you power ahead with ease toward your goals.