A year ago, Impagination had one single thought when the pandemic hit – what do we know how to do, and where is the need? We were well versed in virtual meetings, having used them for years. We immediately collaborated with our colleagues at Arc & Crown Media to create a . We delivered complimentary training to anyone who asked. Knowing they had our support, colleagues and clients were willing to embrace the only way left to us to connect.


In the 2018 pre-pandemic book, The Art of Gathering, author Priya Parker talks about what to consider when bringing people together for any kind of gathering – think hosting a party or a business meeting. Her approach is equally relevant to virtual gatherings, if not more critical. Structured meetings are more engaging and successful. One year into the pandemic, here are our 10 Top Tips to structure a successful gathering:


  1. Set a date. What day and time of day works best for the people you want to attend?
  2. Establish the purpose. Consider a theme and embed it into all the communication, like the invitation, to entice and prepare attendees.
  3. Invitation. How will the invitation be delivered, mail or email, both… or other? Make it easy to register or RSVP.
  4. Experience. What would you like attendees to experience? How long is the event? What do they need to know before arriving? Is preparation required?
  5. Set-up. Will participant names be visible? Will the meeting be recorded? Will the event be on camera or audio only?
  6. Entrance. How will attendees be greeted and treated upon arrival? Is there a moderator? Is there tech support? Is there an agenda? Is there a speaker?
  7. Participation. How can participants engage during the gathering? What is the platform etiquette? Are there activities or polls?
  8. Connect. How will the meeting chat window be used? Will there be group breakouts, or breaks in the agenda? Will there be a Q&A portion of the meeting?
  9. Close. How will the event end and participants exit?
  10. Follow-up. Is there any planned follow-up or action resulting from the gathering?


Make use of these essential structures to think about how to achieve the results you’re looking for at your next virtual gathering, whether professional or personal. And let us know!


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