A client started a New Year conversation with a startlingly simple question that led to a powerful conversation. This kind of conversation is the easiest way to deepen relationships with the people who matter most to you and your business.

Anyone who knows me or has attended one of our “Find More Best Clients” presentations or workshops knows how vital it is to get closer to our best clients in order to serve them better and keep providing them with more value. I’m so excited to motivate you to use this question to get closer to your BEST clients.

Instead of the traditional new year wish for health or happiness or prosperity – try asking in person, by email or by text, “What can I wish for you in 2018?” and see what emerges. The sentiment of support and heartfelt good wishes remains, but what I love is that the answer is focused entirely on the other person’s vision for their future. Knowing where our clients are going this year gives us a huge advantage to better serve them. Clients without a focus on the future are not as likely to invest in their future, or may need more support to find their focus. In any case, knowing what your clients want or need is key to business development success.

As I’ve shared this question I’ve gained some wonderful, surprising and refreshing insights. And I can’t wait to hear what I can wish for you, or what you discover by sharing this question with your clients, family, friends and fans. Be sure to let me know.

If you’re itching to test this question but are not sure who your best clients are, I invite you to join me and an exclusive group of business owners at my upcoming “Find More Best Clients” workshop on January 25, 2018.

A recent attendee shared:

“I tried one of Laural’s suggestions for staying in touch with clients and prospects in my email communications and got some very interesting responses! Definitely a conversation starter!” – A. Abraham


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