Service-based businesses like mine hit an edge when they need to expand their team to grow. The challenge is to know how everyone on the team can best contribute. But it starts at the top. The business leader needs to know what to focus on first.

In my case, Kolbe helped me know my innovative and strategic ideas are where I provided the greatest value. This allowed me to add critical people to my team who created robust organizational tools and who could execute my ideas – often surpassing my expectations. This discovery launched Impagination into an exciting new direction, from which I’ve never looked back.


Why We Use Kolbe

It’s positive – All Kolbe Index scores are positive. Some may misinterpret a “1” vs a “10” as “lesser than”, but this is not accurate. And the combination of all 4 mode numbers reveals the full story.

It’s unbiased – The Kolbe assessment is a reliable predictor for anyone, regardless of age, education, race, experience, or circumstance.

It’s unchanging – There are very few things in life that predictably will not change. Statistically speaking and scientifically proven, the Kolbe index is life-long. This is obvious to parents looking at their children. Each child acts differently, yet consistently, when free to be themselves. The Kolbe index is unaffected by genetics or environment.)


Seven Ways to Apply Kolbe in Business

  1. Authentic Leadership – Leadership starts with you. When you allow your authentic leadership style to shine, you appreciate and inspire others.
  2. Collaboration – Teamwork makes the dream work. Surround yourself with a team that knows the value they bring – and watch your business results soar.
  3. Restoring Energy – We all run out of steam, and people who do not work in their intrinsic strengths run out faster. It takes courage to say yes to the R&R (rest and recovery) you may need at certain times. Avoid burn-out by tapping into the best ways to restore your energy.
  4. Tapping into Mental Energy – Where you have the most mental energy is where you love to spend the most time. Be sure you’re able to leverage this in your work and as part of a team.
  5. Identify your Value Proposition – Knowing where you naturally shine can make it easy to differentiate yourself as a leader or business owner. And it helps you to build a complimentary A-team around you.
  6. Market your Unique Value Proposition – Your intrinsic strengths, your zone of genius, is your secret sauce. Let your target audience know the value you bring to them. Reflect it in your brand, messaging, and your client experience.
  7. Identify Your Best Clients – Your clients resonate with what comes naturally from you. Being aware of your advantages creates the “Know, Like and Trust” factor


Let’s put Kolbe to work for you!

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