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Insight Business Transitions

Corporate Identity


Combining years of estate and business planning, Insight Business Transitions was founded in 2017 to help businesses preserve their legacies for generations to come. They help family businesses, multiple-partner businesses or agricultural businesses who have a focus on the future, achieve clarity on the long-term vision or exit strategy.

The founder conceived Insight Business Transitions from 35 years of estate and business planning as well as his personal family experience. The three-generation ranch he was raised on did not survive into the fourth generation. The sale of the ranch, instead of its transfer to the next generation, inspired the concepts and processes of Insight Business Transitions.  

It was necessary to reposition the consulting service so that Insight Business Transitions could operate independently, yet collaboratively, with all their clients’ stakeholders and advisors.


Impagination’s strategic marketing process was used to identify the business name, “Insight Business Transitions,” and to create the key message and brand originating from the ancient Celtic “Stone of Accord.” A “Stone of Accord” is a free-standing human-scale stone with a hole used to secure agreements and partnerships by shaking hands through the hole. The metaphor reflected the sensibilities of the target audience.

Impagination branded Insight Business Transitions and created digital and print collateral to help the firm achieve its marketing objectives. Creative execution included:

Brand and Logo: Impagination translated the brand into a logo styled from a Celtic knot, each strand a unique earth color, wrapping in its own direction. The knot symbolizes the various stakeholders’ perspectives and the importance of a strong unified direction to protect the longevity of the business moving forward. The tagline “Clarifying your future in changing times” accompanies the logo.

Website: The website shares the founder’s story and family history while showcasing the five-step process used to help clients secure a vision for their future and convert that vision into agreement and actionable steps. The site promotes lead generation and registration for upcoming events.

Stone of Accord Transition Program™: Impagination distilled the unique five-step process into to a single-page visual description of how Insight Business Transitions guides clients to achieve their long-term legacy goals.

Business Card: The logo is embossed for tactile appeal, with the call to action on the back of the card.

Postcards: A postcard was the original launch collateral. It promoted the service, the “Stone of Accord” concept and client testimonials. A second postcard was designed as an interactive exercise to demonstrate a future-focused mindset.

PowerPoint: Impagination designed a customizable, branded, flexible PowerPoint template for presentations and as leave-behind collateral.


Insight Business Transitions launched on December 1, 2017 at a seminar hosted by the firm’s founder. Groups of up to five members of a single business were invited to look ahead to the future of their businesses, learn planning strategies as well as meet relevant subject experts. A second industry specific event, July 2018, provided a one-hour seminar to attendees.

The results were:

$105,000 in new revenue in less than 12 months.

Initial launch resulted in clients who engaged Insight Business Transitions’ consultation process.

Event sponsorship resulted in new clients as well as an invitation from the event organizers to offer a value-add seminar at future events.

Insight Business Transitions website event page gathered leads plus registrations for their events.

“Prospective clients like our website. They understand what to expect from our process, even before speaking with us. Our ongoing support and advice for clients at Step 5, ensures they achieve their goals and vision for the future.”
– Con Lynch, Founder, Insight Business Transitions LLC