During these challenging times, all of our clients have had to shift from their Plan A to a Plan B. Some faster than others. But all are successfully transitioning and continue to meet their business growth objectives. Here’s one success scenario:


A Bay Street private wealth management group had planned the first of several live events for their clients last May, featuring a special guest speaker. The pandemic changed all that. They came to us to help them create and execute a successful Plan B – hosting the event virtually.


Focus on the Goal
Right from the start, we guided them on how to stay focused on the goal. We managed the technology, trained them for the event, and established their success criteria. We reinforced their event theme throughout their other initiatives and engaged the whole team to participate and take a leadership role.


Hitting the Mark
These steps worked, setting them up for success. When they hosted their event virtually in June, they provided easy access for attendees, and made it possible for more stakeholders to join in. They organized additional follow-up meetings that led to a second event on a specific topic, and a second guest-speaker event for those who couldn’t join the first one. Higher engagement with more and better conversations made it possible to assist clients with difficult subject matter. It initiated action resulting in increased client confidence in the firm and comfort in its future plans to provide families with ongoing support.


Now, after five events and another two to go, our client has converted its initial discomfort to complete confidence with a “rinse and repeat” process to engage and manage their client events and grow their business – all this while so many other businesses are stagnating.


What our client had to say about their Plan B
“COVID-19 threw us into uncertainty in March 2020. We planned to host several client events with high-profile presenters. With some planning and plotting with our marketing coach, Laural Carr of Impagination Inc., we were able to host a well-orchestrated virtual event that was efficient, effective and engaging. We haven’t looked back. We have now hosted five virtual client events with measurable success. We count on Laural and her team at Impagination Inc. to help us deliver a novel virtual event to engage our clients in a professional and polished way. This allows us to keep connected to our clients and to help them to have important conversations and make critical financial and estate planning decisions.”
– Lois Smith, Smith Falconer Financial Group


Take action now!
Book a complimentary consultation to learn more about shifting your business to a successful Plan B. We can help you and your team adjust to the new business environment while ensuring that your value proposition remains clear and on target.


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