In this post, Impagination cooks up a few key ‘recipes’ to help you uniquely distinguish your business and ensure it’s perfectly positioned!


Three time-tested recipes for marketing success


Using our Impact Formula™, we work with you to clarify your vision, purpose and strengths. The end goal is to confidently position your business and activate a customized marketing plan to achieve success… one that uniquely leverages your persona, reputation and experience. We help you set realistic expectations, and be consistent in following through on your strategy. Through our proven Impact Formula™ process, we help you track results that are measured, analyzed, and reported, so you can be sure that your persona is leveraged for maximum impact.


When you work with our Kolbe Certified Consultant, you utilize the Kolbe A™ Index, a self-assessment tool that measures your instinctive method of taking action, often referred to as your natural method of operation, or MO. The Kolbe A™ Index helps you identify your natural strengths; and provides suggestions on how to leverage these talents and zones of genius to achieve greater personal and professional success. This coaching tool will help you keep your team energized, focused and aware of what makes them remarkable, increasing productivity and engagement with your greatest advocates.


Creative Tools and Tactics
We help you develop exclusive marketing properties that clearly communicate your unique ‘recipe and ingredients’ to your ideal clients. We further assist you with ongoing reputation management, to ensure your messaging continues to be effective and on-brand, allowing you to leverage every opportunity with ease and finesse.


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