May 2024

What's your Kolbe™ Advantage?

Impagination May 2024 Newsletter

I admit to being a bit of a quiz nerd. 🤓

And I’m always open for self-development.

Two decades ago, as a participant of the Strategic Coach® program, I was introduced to the Kolbe™ assessment. And this one changed the trajectory of my business and my future.

Let me explain…

I had a busy business, and a two-year-old. I needed to stop working 16+ hrs per day. And I needed to protect my energy to be both a Mom and a CEO.

I had team members, but I wasn’t leveraging their natural strengths.

My Kolbe™ Index helped me to understand my experiences in school and at home. It explained how I needed to manage my energy and pivot my business to grow without me hustling all the time.

It also helped me to understand my clients better, and how I could share my unique ability to align with what could benefit them. It showed me what I did best and where I ultimately had the most energy.

Read our May Blog with 8 ways you and your team can benefit when applying your Kolbe™ Index at work and life to unlock:

- better communications

- effective collaborations

- fast decision-making

- clear leadership

- strong relationships

- easier sales

 Read Blog


In a world where so much changes, your Kolbe™ Index is valid for your lifetime. It’s built-in, it’s innate and intrinsic. It’s how you naturally do things. Imagine how you and your business and team could benefit from Kolbe™.

What’s your Kolbe™? Click to take the assessment.


To your remarkable success in 2024 and beyond!