May 2021

Are you a goal seeking human?

Impagination May 2021 Newsletter


Phew, I’m grateful for my goals! I can’t claim to be unaffected by the pandemic, but with some critical refocusing and the gift of being able to slow down, my team and I were able to accelerate and launch some exciting new initiatives.

According to Aristotle, we are designed to strive. Stretching toward a goal allows us to evolve, expand and grow. Isn’t this what we want for our businesses as well? How many businesses over the past 13 months threw in the towel and said – not worth the effort, the challenges, headaches, or growing pains that accompany expansion and growth.

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If I’ve learned anything from helping our clients pivot their businesses as well as refocusing my own over time, it’s that business owners desire a sense of control and purpose. If you’re looking to get into the driver's seat of your business, I invite you to review our May blog, “Is Your Foundation Supporting Your Business”. It offers six tips for taking stock, solidifying your foundation, and reconnecting with the critical goals for your business.

In last month’s blog we shared the importance of pruning for vibrant and flourishing new growth. Of course, pruning assumes you have a healthy base to start with. If you want to know if your base is solid, check out the steps in this blog.

Ready to build the foundation that will support your business?
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Laural Carr, Founder of Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer and creator of the BizBackdrop™, Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is a Kolbe™ Certified Consultant and is passionate about helping smart savvy businesses find their next best client and boost new business fast.

Impagination Inc. builds smart, targeted strategies to differentiate your services and streamline business development efforts to focus on easily finding more clients like your best clients. Our secret sauce is how we uniquely tailor the strategy and the message to be easy to execute and customized for the persona of the people who drive the business.