March 2023

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Impagination Mar 2023 Newsletter

I’ve been training to walk a ½ marathon this April. The idea of a spring walk-a-thon excited me even though I’ve never attempted 21km before. And I definitely needed to train to avoid injuries and to successfully achieve my goal.

I was encouraged to join a group of women who are training together virtually with an experienced coach who’s completed many endurance challenges. My goal is to complete the training that gets me outside and moving my body – a personal wellness habit of mine.

As it turns out, my route includes a series of hills. At first, it was the steepest hill that caught my attention. Later I realized there are several hills on the way to this massive hill that I didn't even notice since I was focused on that big hill. Some hills are short shallow inclines that level off in between the slopes. Some are long winding curves where you can’t see the end from the beginning.

As I train, I feel the impact that hill climbing contributes to my strength and fitness. And how each hill has its own unique features and challenges. I quickly adopted a mindset and techniques for preventing my hill challenges from becoming obstacles.

And I celebrate every success when I reach the top—even if I’m out of breath! 🥵

In business, it’s no different 🚀
What I’ve come to realize is that businesses level off, or stop growing. William S. Burroughs said, "When you stop growing you start dying". So we all need challenges like hills.

What hill training has helped me understand is business challenges are like hills… some are steep, some are slopes and some are curves. The big ones get our attention, but sometimes it's the less obvious ones, or the long slow uphill, or the hill hidden around the corner that we need to consider. Each one calls for a different approach and by leveraging your unique strengths you can find a unique to you path.

In this month’s blog post, I share tips on how to recognize, approach, and conquer common challenges we can encounter on our climb to the top.

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To learn more about powerful tools to recognize and overcome challenges you experience in your business, reach out for a complimentary clarity call. We’re here to help you ease the challenges that become obstacles. And you can enjoy the feeling when you reach the top!

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