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Laural Carr

March 2017

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What Stuart McLean Taught Me
about Client Engagement

I'm a fan of Stuart McLean and The Vinyl Café stories. For years I've loved hearing about his charming adventures through his books, at his live performances and on the radio, chuckling along with the family on road trips. While I didn't know him personally, I felt like I did. He captivated me. And he was skilled at creating something I call Monopoly of Mind Share™.

When Stuart died last month, I was propelled to learn more about him and discovered a Toronto Life article from 2006 where author Trevor Cole went on the road with Stuart and the live show to reveal what happens behind the scenes. The article, mimicking Stuart's distinct way of speaking, highlights the communication strategy, branding decisions, and specific process of perfecting and packaging his unique style of storytelling.

With a keen sensitivity to the audience – who they are, where they are – and a focus on how to connect with them, a team of people polish each story and every scene into a seemingly effortless and flawlessly executed final product. The result is a storytelling experience and powerful persona that allows Stuart to connect deeply with his audience, no matter the medium.

How can you connect with your best clients to create Monopoly of Mind Share™? Click here for our 7 tips.

If you need a talented team to help you create Monopoly of Mind Share™ for your business in 2017, contact me, Laural Carr, at 416.538.3330 or 1.877.538.3330. and visit our website to learn more.

Warm regards,

Laural Carr, CEO and Creative Business Development Director at her Toronto-based firm Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer and creator of the Impact Formula™ and Persona Maker™ Approach. She is passionate about helping smart, savvy businesses find their next best client and boost business fast.