June 2023

Why We Need Peak and Valley Experiences

Impagination Jun 2023 Newsletter

Colleague Kim Kiel is a copy writing coach. She shared an intriguing content tip in her April 5, 2023, ill Communication podcast, titled 3 “novel” ways to create authority content with your bookshelf. You’ll find her podcast in your favorite podcast player—and you won’t be disappointed. Her podcast always inspires, and if you love content, she has tips galore. Check her out.

If you’ve been following, last month’s blog, we looked at my goal to reignite reading in my life, even if the solution was not to read, but to listen to books. Prompted by Kim’s podcast, I’m sharing a book from my reading list that helped me as well as my business.

Impagination Jun 2023 Newsletter Peaks and Valleys, by Spencer Johnson (author of Who Moved My Cheese? and The One Minute Manager)

In every goal or initiative or project we take on, it's the peak moments we focus on. Peaks are where the view is best, it's expansive. It's where we can look back at where we came from and appreciate how far we've come. It’s inspiring and builds confidence to move to the next peak or ambitious goal. The truth is every peak is discovered and achieved by first experiencing a valley.

Peaks and Valleys are not just the good and bad times that happen to you. Through Johnson’s short parable, we learn peaks and valleys are connected. The errors you make in today’s good times create tomorrow’s bad time. The wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times.

Valleys are not to be dreaded. And peaks are not a place to feel superior or boastful. In both cases, we don’t remain in either place forever, even if it feels that way. We are constantly cycling through these phases and picking up valuable lessons that, if leveraged, propel us forward.

When did you experience a peak or valley? How did you feel? How did you respond? What did you learn?

Read my Blog post to learn the insights from Peaks and Valleys that I applied to my hill challenge training, and how these insights apply to life and business.

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Discover how your business can benefit from peak and valley experiences. If you’re desiring simplicity and clarity in growing your business, book a complimentary discovery call. It might just be the solution to free you from frustration, indecision, inconsistency or delay to launch you forward in the right direction. What do you have to lose? Let’s find out.

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