January 2023

Do you know the backstory?

Welcome to January 2023! 🥳

Even January has a backstory. The month is named after the backwards and forwards facing Roman God Janus, ruler of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages and endings.

Could this explain our inclination to look back at the past year before jumping into plans for the year ahead? 🧐

I’m feeling incredibly grateful for my personal and professional breakthroughs and achievements in 2022; downsizing to move, adding coaching to support my clients, and celebrating a milestone anniversary with my backstory! If you missed the party 🥳, the recording is here.

What about you, what’s your backstory? What are you feeling grateful for? What are you celebrating or appreciating from 2022? What aspects of 2022 will you take with you into 2023 and what will you leave behind?

I get clear on my backstory by asking questions. Are you ready to create clarity and simplicity?

Start here

  1. What would I love to be doing if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now? (This is a big one!)

  2. What’s the one thing I accomplished last year that has made the biggest difference for me in the future?

  3. What’s the one thing I’d be 100% satisfied doing if I could only do that one thing?

  4. What’s the one thing this year that would give me 100% satisfaction when it is accomplished?

  5. What’s the one thing that would make my life simpler, easier and more satisfying if I asked for help or support?

Visit this month’s blog for more clarity questions to prompt your thinking.

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Next steps

  • Commit to taking action on your response(s).
  • Pick one action you can take now.
  • It can be a small step.
  • Make a 100% commitment to it.

If you are a motivated business owner and need help getting clear for 2023, reach out to book a no-obligation clarity call with me. I would love to hear your story and support you.

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It’s not too late to join our next session starting this month.

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Warm regards,

Laural Carr, Founder of Impagination Inc., is an award-winning marketer and creator of the BizBackdrop™, Impact Formula™, Persona Maker™ Approach, First Best Action Planner™ and Smart+Savvy Strategy School™. She is a Kolbe™ Certified Consultant and certified Marketing Mindset Coach, and is passionate about everyone working authentically to achieve results naturally. She helps smart savvy business leaders to shorten their sales cycle by connecting where they are going with who they best serve.

Impagination Inc. builds smart, targeted strategies to differentiate your services and streamline business development efforts to focus on easily finding you more clients like your best clients. Our secret sauce is how we uniquely tailor the strategy and the message to be simple to execute by customizing for the persona of the people who drive business growth.