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Laural Carr

December 2016

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Have You Experienced the Domino Effect?

The domino effect is sometimes referred to as the snowball effect, a chain reaction, a ripple effect. Impagination has repeatedly benefited from this phenomenon over the past 30 years and to celebrate we literally hand-built the set up and reaction in a video with huge help from our collaborators at Plexman Photography to share with you.

For me, dominoes were tiles to set up on the floor to be knocked down. But the game dominoes isn't just that – it’s a unique combination of strategy and good fortune. You plan your play, focus on your goals and valiantly return after unexpected setbacks, like loosing a turn or having to draw extra tiles. This is what it is like to be in business for 30 years!

An entrepreneurial venture is driven by an enduring vision, combined with superb strategy and good fortune. This results in a domino effect. Step by step the venture evolves, creating shape and momentum. Sometimes there are missteps or diversions. Other times there are wins, often bringing unexpected opportunities.

Piece by piece, I hand-built my business from "zero-zero" just as in the video. Go behind the scenes in making the Domino Effect video. Over time, I took advantage of opportunities, leveraged successes and most important, I honoured and valued the many thrilling relationships made along the way. And if we can help you to do this in your business, get in touch.

To you, I wish the domino effect of good fortune paired with superb strategy for the holiday season and year ahead!

P.S. If you want a fun activity to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues, download this easy version of domino rules.

Laural Carr, Owner and Creative Business Development Director at Impagination Inc. is an award-winning marketer passionate about helping smart savvy businesses to find their next best client and boost business fast.

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