June 2024

What Style of Leader Are You?

I recently joined a gym. 🏋🏻‍♀️

I’ve never been a "gym person" before, preferring to be outside for activities like cycling, skiing, and hiking.

At this gym, I was attracted to the vibe and support from the trainers.

Some trainers are "All Business" – as they move me safely through my paces.

One is an "Energetic Cheerleader" – expressive and encouraging, delivering a high-five at the end of my workout.

Another is "Two Steps Ahead" – watchful, and organized, always looking ahead, and ending the session by asking me when I'll be back.

While they all get the job done, each leaves a different impression on me.

With the first, I feel a sense of completion – Workout Done! 👍

The second sends me off with higher energy. 

The third delivers ease and stability, asking if I’m ready to add more challenge to the workout.👌

All are confident. AND each shows up with a different form of confidence when supporting me as the client. And that confidence encourages me to keep going for my goal, to do hard things, and to succeed.

The fact is, each is a leader, acting in their natural style.

I shared my perspective with the gym business owner who was intrigued. His interest inspired me to pass along some leadership styles you may encounter.

Leadership styles look, and more importantly, feel different, and target different results.

Just like your business branding, your leadership style adds to the "persona" of your business.

There’s no one-size-fits-all leadership formula. If your business depends on other people, you are a leader.

Read our June blog to discover your preferred leadership style.


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 To your remarkable success in 2024 and beyond!