As a business owner, you know that customer knowledge is one of the most valuable resources you have for growing your business. Using digital opportunities to collect this information and communicate with your clients can lead to a huge marketing payoff.

With each communication you send and every client interaction that results from it (including clicks, views, and registrations or purchases across new, existing, and prospective clients), you are learning:

  • What they’re looking for
  • Which messages tell them what they need to know
  • What they love about your offer
  • Where you’re still missing the mark


Once you begin capturing, organizing, and making sense of that data, you can start using it to build more—and better—client relationships.

The question is: What’s the best customer connection platform to use?

Social platforms can be problematic
Connecting with clients on social platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a slippery slope. You can build the “Know, Like and Trust” factor, but you can’t depend on social media to be your only connection to your best relationships. Platforms change or go offline, and feeds get shut down… so they are not reliable. You are virtually “renting” these platforms. And as valuable as they are, you don’t own or control the connections you build there.


With social platforms, it’s challenging to own your own content, contacts, or customer base.

CRM – a smarter solution
Customer Relationship Management software makes more sense to help you gather, organize, and analyze customer information so that you can better manage your relationships with clients… in a way that’s secure, not accessible to your competitors.


A high-quality CRM platform enables you to track information across every touchpoint in a client’s journey. It can record and analyze calls, emails, meetings, and engagement with marketing campaigns. This helps you cater to specific needs, build better relationships, and market smarter.


Customer relationship management helps you create content customized to the people you want to talk to, and ensure it reaches them. For example, newsletters relevant to them, sent to their inbox, increases your chance to get their undivided attention.


Choosing the right CRM for your business
There are different factors to consider when selecting the right CRM, including:

  • What are the marketing features? All-in-one CRMs include marketing automation software. We recommend looking for a CRM that also delivers strong and agile lead generation software.
  • Is it easy to learn and use? You want a system that is easy for you and your team to adopt. Ensure that your provider will guide you through the learning process, and be there to address any questions or challenges you may have until you’ve got your system up and running smoothly.
  • What is the best price for my size business? Your best bet may be an all-in-one CRM, which includes additional features like marketing automation, mobile access if you need it, and customer support.


We’re here to help!
There are a lot of CRM platforms out there to choose from, but it’s how you use it that makes marketing smarter not harder. At Impagination, we can help you create the strategy that works best for your business.


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