Business challenges are like hills. Some are steep, some are slopes and some are curves. Our clients have found the following “climbing” tactics to be highly successful at achieving their goals.


1. Work with a coach

Like training for an endurance sport, it’s extremely helpful to have an experienced coach alongside, who has access to the knowledge, motivation and resources required.

Working with a business coach can:

  • Help you gain the clarity you need to take your business to new heights.
  • Bring in new ideas while providing accountability for you and your team.
  • Remove the guesswork so you, as the business owner, know what’s most important to focus on.


2. Know what level of challenge you are facing and have the right tools to get to the top

Business owners can face many growth challenges, including:

  • Finding customers, and delighting them
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Packaging your offer
  • Building a team to support the next level

Fortunately, there are proven programs to help manage these challenges… from , to discover your value proposition and to build incredible, engaged teams, to increase your profit without adding more work, communication tools to marketing aids … and more. Find and implement what you need to get you up and over those hills.


3. Break it down into smaller pieces
“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

One of the most effective ways to deal with a “hill” you encounter in your business journey is to break it down into smaller pieces. This way, the work is more manageable and less intimidating.

A “hill climb” approach can help you overcome a problem with a series of short steps or phases. For example:

  1. Define what the problem is
  2. Understand the root cause(s) of the problem
  3. List possible solutions to the problem(s)
  4. Select the best possible solution
  5. Decide to take action

And as every climber knows, the first route you choose may not work out as you imagined, and you need to try another. It’s the same in business. Trial and error is the way we learn and decide what’s right for us. It’s okay to try different solutions until you find one that removes or reduces the obstacles on the path to your goal.


4. Do your homework – plan!
As I prepare for my spring walk-a-thon this year, I plan:

  • The gear I’ll need to be safe and successful.
  • My fitness level and follow a training program to prepare for the climbing involved.
  • The supporters and cheerleaders who help me stay motivated along the way, for training and at the event.

Business requires the same planning for tackling each hill, slope or curve:

  • Define your tasks for each day or week – for example, list the most important tasks each day and week and get them done, leading meetings and onboarding new talent or capabilities to your team or organization.
  • Cluster related tasks together. This helps you handle similar tasks in one fell swoop instead of doing them in dribs and drabs.


5. Use a 3D approach to problem solving

When faced with the challenge of choosing which solution to use for the problem at hand, step back and walk around it, looking at it from every perspective.

Brainstorming with others can be an excellent tool for identifying potential alternatives. Write down these ideas, even if they seem zany or offbeat on first impression. Searching for alternatives and weighing their consequences can really pay off.


Let’s get you to the top!

If marketing yourself or your boutique service business is too steep a climb on your own, reach out to us for a . We love to guide you and your team to reach the next summit in your business success!