As you market your business today, in our post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to think outside the box and explore new opportunities. And it all starts with you…


Imagine your best life

What does your best possible future include? Where do you want to live, and with whom? How do you want to spend your days? Who is in your relationship circle?

In my Marketing Mindset Coaching Program, I ask clients these questions to zero in on what they truly desire and to set lofty and achievable goals.


Who is a role model to you?

If you want to improve some aspect of your life or business, think of someone you admire. It could be a family member, an elite-level athlete, an author, a philosopher or historical figure you highly respect.


Think of that individual as your role model. Imagine that person as your mentor, looking over your shoulder in daily situations. Ask yourself, “What would ____ do?” That way you’re seeing your situation from an outside perspective, through the eyes of your mentor. This mindset shift can bring clarity and confidence to the decisions you make.


We explore in my Marketing Mindset Coaching Program how you can apply the best qualities of a role model to every aspect of your life and work.


Blue Sky” thinking

If there were absolutely no limits or boundaries, where could your imagination take you? The sky’s the limit! At Impagination, we love to bring together like-minded professionals and business entrepreneurs to share and build on each other’s ideas in a non-judgmental way.


In our group sessions, ideas become building blocks for discussion and brainstorming. One person’s idea can spark another. The combined creative effort and diversity in thinking allows ideas to develop organically while accelerating discovery.


Some of the building blocks we discuss include:

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with other professionals to offer more to support your clients.
  • Customer referral programs: A simple, inexpensive way to grow your business by incentivizing current and previous clients to recommend your products or services to others within their business and social communities.
  • Networks: Developing mutually beneficial relationships that allow you to build awareness for yourself and your brand, which can drive high-quality leads.
  • Video content: Creating video content to inspire, engage and educate your target audiences across multiple platforms promotes your thought-leadership.
  • Live events: Hosting or taking part in live events, which can be livestreamed over the internet to your target audiences, to build your brand presence.
  • Exclusive offers: Providing unique opportunities for your clients to save money or receive a special benefit, product, or service.


These are some simple ways to grow your business. Deciding what’s the right approach for you and your business goals is fun and powerfully motivating to explore.


Our Smart + Savvy Strategy School group program supports you with group and private coaching backed by a community of motivated and ambitious colleagues and business owners who share their experience and valuable feedback.


Reach out to us for a no-obligation conversation about how our private-client Marketing Mindset Coaching Program™ can help you and your business to be remarkable!