In today’s marketplace, personalized communication is a powerful connector. But many businesses find it challenging to implement this approach. Here are three of the biggest hurdles we’ve helped our clients overcome:


1. Not knowing where to start
What type of personalized communication works best for your business? Periodic emails? A postcard? A flyer? Using digital communication channels like social media platforms, messaging apps, video marketing or chat boxes?


If you’re not sure, here’s what we suggest: Start by drilling down into your market base to clearly understand who your specific audiences are and what communication channels they engage in. We have the tools to help you do that. This research will give you a better sense of what type of personalized pieces will most likely attract them and hold their interest.


2. Not having a powerful way to collect, sort and access your data
The best way to prioritize your ideal clients and customers, and respond to their needs, is through a robust and dependable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.


Think of CRM as your automated data manager. With each communication you send and every client or customer interaction that results from it (including clicks, views, and registrations or purchases across new, existing, and prospective buyers), you are learning:

  • What they’re looking for
  • Which messages tell them what they need to know
  • What they love about your offer
  • Where you’re still missing the mark


As you capture, organize, and analyze this data, you can use it to send out personalized marketing pieces that will strengthen your relationships and expand your base.

A CRM system helps you to market smarter, not harder.


3. Not knowing about easy tools to use
There are many fun and uncomplicated tactics to personalize your communications, so they stand out and are memorable. Have you ever considered personalized postage stamps? What about GIF images or GIF animations? They’ve become hugely effective in emails and other forms of online communication in recent years.

Have you tried sending a voice memo instead of a text or direct message? It’s a quick and easy way to give an honest impression of what you’re wanting to say; and it allows you to be more emotive and spontaneous than with text-based communication.


Then there’s video messaging, which overcomes both time and distance. When you record and send a video message, you’re creating an in-person experience at a time convenient for you, to be played at the convenience of the receiver.


Stand out from the noise
At Impagination, we’ll work with you to create a personalized communication strategy that targets your ideal clients, sets you apart from your competitors, and boosts engagement to shorten the sales cycle.


to us for a no-obligation conversation about how our private client Impact Formula™ or group program can help you embrace the power of personalization.