Originally, I was self-isolating at our weekend place, keeping myself inside and germ free, so that when needed I could support my Mom, who was struggling alone. It took me several attempts to configure how to work from a new location. Gratefully, I was familiar with virtual video meetings, calls and webinars, using GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype, and Teams, so I was already set up with the right gear.
What I didn’t realize is what kind of environment would work best. Some networking meetings were early morning (starting in the dark) and some board meetings were in the evening (ending in the dark), making light from windows unreliable. Daytime meetings suffered as the sun moved into my eyes or onto my screen. I tried five different set-ups before finding one that worked. I attended many virtual meetings – large and small groups, plus individual meetings. But then it was time to visit my Mom.
While at my Mom’s, there was no option of where to set up. I wanted a door to eliminate sounds. I rearranged furniture to create a space behind my chair. I blocked backlighting from a window while keeping light on my face. Phew, this must be why people use novelty digital backgrounds. Except every time I saw one or I tried one myself, it was unstable and distracting. Ugh!
Make it worth your while
When faced with a challenging situation, a favorite saying comes to mind: “Now that I’ve been inconvenienced, let’s make it worth my while.” Being a natural problem solver and award-winning branding expert, I wanted a way to ensure that I could show up professionally to every meeting, every time, from anywhere—my office, home, or homes away from home. I set out to create a solution, and I’m thrilled! In fact, it’s been getting a lot of attention. Voila, the BizBackdrop™… by the Mother of Invention.
Most think the BizBackdrop™ I use is a digital background featuring Impagination’s branding… until I reach behind to touch it. It’s easy-peasy to set up and tear down. It’s sturdy and durable. The colours are brilliant and accurate. It requires very little space and comes with its own carrying case. I’m lovin’ our new BizBackdrop™. It’s like having a massive business card (remember those?) or billboard promoting my brand at every meeting.
Are you ready to stand out online?
If you pitch, present, sell, interview, train, network, consult or coach, consider this easy-to-assemble background to help you look your professional best.
Book a complimentary consultation with us to find out more about how you can benefit from your own branded BizBackdrop™.
BizBackdrop™ has my back and it can have yours too!