This year marks Canada’s 150 years as a nation. All things Canadian are on display, including what Impagination and Canada proudly share — the color red! So even nations have a brand, and in Canada it’s our love of nature, the outdoors, maple flavored anything, and being really, really nice.


My Canadian spirit and passion for red spurred me on an adventure capturing Canada’s brand imagery. Check out some of my unique discoveries from familiar treats to timeless hallmarks.


What does your brand say about you?


Your brand is what distinguishes you, allowing you to stand out, charge more and eliminate your competition. From the days when companies would literally brand their shipping containers and livestock, to the symbolic ways businesses and professionals brand themselves now, it has always been important to leave your authentic mark in the minds and hearts of your best clients or customers. What signature images, phrases, colors and tangible elements represent your brand? Do you have a strategy for promoting your brand? Are you clear how you and your brand come across to clients and potential clients?


If you’d like help distilling the elements of your brand to make your mark with your best customers enabling you to charge more and eliminate the competition, contact us.