Teamwork Lessons from Apollo 13
Fifty years ago, the Apollo 13 lunar landing had to be aborted after two days in space, due to an oxygen tank failure. Their successful return to Earth was based on two key factors that we can learn from today in these challenging times.
1. Training
Those astronauts and their ground crew trained extensively. And because of that training, they pulled together. They regrouped. They trusted their training and their critical teams on the ground.
2. Support
Their support team took charge, examined all available materials on board. And with a single focus on a common goal, they concentrated on whatever was needed to survive the challenge.
Check out their story
For a real-time journey through the Apollo 13 mission, visit . Or watch this remarkable story of resilience in the Ron Howard film “Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks or “Apollo 13 The Real Story” on YouTube.
Draw on your team’s built-in strengths
Weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a sense of greater stability, but we are not clear of danger yet. How have you been supporting your essential team members during this time? Are they able to seek direction and leadership from you?
Take control – and bring your team home safely!
As Kolbe™ Certified Consultants, we can help your team overcome the stress and strain of COVID-19, build confidence and trust, leading to productivity and greater results. We are here to help.