Hurray! Michele Bailey’s new book, The Currency of Gratitude finally arrived. Ever since attending one of Michele’s powerful pandemic support workshops last year, I realize that we both strongly believe that expressing gratitude makes good business sense. In this blog, I share my tips for making this easy.


  1. Find the right vehicle. You don’t need to send a mailed note if email or in-person is your style, but it can be surprisingly difficult to find the right time and method to show appreciation. Some may offer an annual client or supplier appreciation event. Some prefer a more individual or heartfelt option. We’ve discovered that it can be challenging to find an appropriate greeting or note card for the corporate market, not just for the holidays, but also for thank you’s, congratulations or words of support. High quality is key, and the imagery needs to fit your brand and message. For example, one client’s brand is centred around a flourishing oak tree image. All their mailed notes and greetings are themed around their brand and include a tree in the visuals.


  1. Choose an occasion. Choose a “campaign” centred around a holiday that inspires, informs or celebrates your business audience, for example, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Canada Day or Independence Day, or New Year. There are any number of other special holiday dates made popular by social media, such as National Thank You Month in January. In her book, Michele has a weekly practice of acknowledging gratitude. Whatever your occasion, these campaigns require the same attention as a marketing campaign in order to deliver higher results than the standard holiday greetings we’re used to seeing. Your recipients are your best ambassadors. Ensure they feel valued, special and celebrated. If you are uncertain where to find the right greeting vehicle, we can help.


  1. Get organized. Once you have the right greeting, you need your recipient’s address. Every September we update our database ahead of the holiday season – has someone moved, changed jobs, retired? The rewards far outweigh the effort. In COVID times, we were often required to mail to a person’s home. We asked for their personal address, letting them know we were sending them something special. Who doesn’t look forward to getting something exciting delivered? To make the process seamless:
  • Have an easy-to-access list.
  • Check that all contact info is up to date.
  • Have everything you need on hand to make it easy—a favorite pen, stamps, return address labels, envelopes. We receive a lot of attention for our personalized stamps, which can be branded specifically for a business.


  1. Bypass the digital world. The power of a handwritten note or thoughtful gift delivers huge impact directly into the hands of your recipients. The tangibility and shareability creates a more indelible impression than a digital greeting. For 15 years our annual Great Greeting™ surveys showed that mailed greetings were preferred, shared, kept and revisited. Most digital greetings are generic, have split-second impact and are deleted or forgotten. Tactile physical appreciation requires thoughtful attention by the sender and the receiver. In our attention-starved economy, the investment in attention for the right individuals reaps huge rewards.


  1. Find the right words. Lost for words? Once you have the right vehicle to deliver your message, and you have a way to reach your recipient, you might be stuck on what to say. There are endless resources online, but Michele’s book includes actual examples, along with a list of seven easy but powerful tips to kickstart a truly heartfelt note of appreciation.


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