Recently, I’ve noticed more companies employing marketing campaigns that tap into a well known but often-overlooked truth: a good surprise is almost always welcome. Think of the feeling you get when someone unexpectedly does something thoughtful and creative for you and the warmth it inspires. Surprise-and-delight campaigns are an incredible way for businesses to connect with their customers, build brand loyalty, and create what I like to call Monopoly of Mind Share™.


Mastercard’s recent Priceless Surprises campaign set out to surprise and delight their customers by rewarding cardholders using their Mastercard with “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences. Lucky cardholders were surprised with gifts from Mastercard that included exclusive music experiences, VIP packages to the 2016 World Series and VIP Tickets to the 59th annual Grammy Awards.


While priceless surprises certainly don’t hurt, often something small, simple and well timed can go a long way in helping you cultivate lasting and rewarding relationships with your best clients or customers. Letting your clients know that you’re thinking of them with an unexpected gesture or gift can help to build an emotional connection, encourage loyalty and increase the likelihood of referrals. It is one of the best ways that you can create Monopoly of Mind Share™.


It pays to deliver the unexpected, and often what truly resonates with clients and keeps them engaged is surprisingly simple: a thoughtful note, a personalized gift, or a simple “thank you”.


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