There’s a saying… An arrow goes farther, faster and more accurately when you pause to aim and pull back further. It’s worth taking the time to look back at your biggest successes over the past year, and where improvements can be made. They can prove instrumental in planning your 2023 strategy.


Ask yourself these questions:


What did I do best last year?

What were your most productive achievements? What did it take to get there? What’s the one thing you accomplished that will make the biggest difference for you in the future? What projects did you enjoy most, that fueled your inspiration? Can you find a common theme for what to do more of this year?


What didn’t serve me well last year?

What initiatives didn’t work so well? Why didn’t they deliver what you were expecting or at least hoping for? Was the initial briefing inadequate or misleading? Were there difficulties with the client or project collaborators that could have been better managed? Were your own expectations too high?


What can I learn from these experiences? Where can I improve?

Even one small change can make a difference. Do you feel your marketing efforts were effective, or do they need to be refocused? Did you introduce any new services or products, and if so, how would you rate the response? Do you feel you hit the right price point for your offers? Are you satisfied with the customer service you delivered?


Look to see where you may need to change direction, or simply tweak a few things to get better results. Ask yourself where you might benefit from help or support to make your business run more smoothly, and your life simpler and more satisfying.


What’s my plan for 2023?

Creating a business plan for the new year, formal or informal, can help you prioritize your activities and keep you on track. It’s something you can refer to periodically over the year to make sure you keep focused, you’re not wasting time on what is not productive, and to help you measure progress.


So where do I start?

Pick one action you can take now. It can be a small step but it’s essential to make a 100% commitment to it. If you need help getting clear for 2023, reach out to book a no-obligation clarity call with me. I would love to support you.


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Here’s to your success in 2023!